DMI Publicity Templates

The single greatest factor in gathering a strong response to the Disciple Maker Index is publicizing the survey and making it easy for your parishioners to take it! Use the templates and tips below to start publicizing the survey in all of your communication outlets!

Refer to your survey roadmap in the CLI Portal for key dates, including when to start promotion and the start and end dates of your parish's survey.

Ways to Publicize

  • Virtual Masses and announcements
  • Communications to parishioners (ie. Flocknote, emails, phone calls, etc.)
  • Website announcements
  • Mass announcements
  • Bulletin announcements
  • Promoted on bulletin boards
  • Father’s homilies, pastor’s column and bulletin insert
  • All social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Ministry meetings
  • Text reminders to mobile phone list

Publicity Templates

Utilize this document of various publicity templates to announce your survey, provide updates, and share some findings from the survey after your consultation!

Email Collection Card

This printable document can be used to update your parish email database. Just print, cut into small rectangles, and distribute and collect in pews during Mass.

The best way to gather responses quickly is to send out an email with the online survey link to as many of your parishioners as possible. The Disciple Maker Index provides a great reason to update your lists!

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