DMI Drivers - Information on Parish is is Easy to Find

While this may be a surprising component for recommending the parish, when we consider how to engage our parishioners and make them feel a part of the community, it makes sense that making information about the parish easy to find would be an important element. When someone searches your parish online, is your parish address and Mass times clear? Do you have multiple presences on the web? (Website and social media). Do you make significant announcements and copies of your bulletin available?

At Mass, do you promote ongoing ministries and events?

This page helps provide tools to help your parish facilitate communication, so that your current and prospective members know what is going on in your community.

General Communication Guides

Catholic Leadership Institute Communication Ideas & Insights

This CLI created document provides a general overview of communications strategies and methods, particularly in light of the recent pandemic and efforts to reopen your communities and keep them connected while your usual community event are not possible.