DMI Drivers - Welcoming Community

Catholic Leadership Institute has more than two decades of experience guiding parishes and Church leaders through planning and transitions. Our Leadership Consultants have helped develop material based on their experience in training and experience in parish leadership. Some material to help move the needle for positive responses to "My parish helps me feel connected to my community by making me feel welcomed and accepted" are included here.

Sunday Experience

When looking at creating a welcoming community, it is important to review the entire Sunday experience, from 'parking lot to pew.' CLI consultants have provided the below resources to help you identify where you might need to place your focus.

The Sunday Experience - The Most Important 90 Minutes of the Week
This document is designed to introduce a basic overview of what we mean when we talk about the "Sunday Experience" and information on how to start making a plan to address your particular needs.
Sunday Experience Planning Guide
Creating a holistic plan to address the Sunday experience is a daunting task. This resource provides a guide to begin this process including key elements to consider. This guide is most useful if utilized in conjunction with the Sunday Experience Assessment document.
Sunday Experience Assessment Document
Not sure where to begin in making changes to your music ministry? This is a helpful list of immediate opportunities in music ministry.
Welcome! Thank You For Coming - Lorene Hanley Duquin

Welcome! Thank You for Coming - a simple, but much-needed pamphlet that helps make visitors feel welcome, and then allows the Holy Spirit to move in their hearts in a way that will inspire them to return. From Our Sunday Visitor.

Learn more about this pamphlet here
Welcome - from Dynamic Catholic

Welcome is an overnight weekend experience for your parishioners given by men or women who have previously attended Welcome at your parish. Through fellowship, faith sharing, hospitality, music, individual and group activities, Mass, and more, participants have the opportunity to step back from the everyday to reflect on their lives and their spiritual journeys and build meaningful relationships with other men or women in the parish. (Men and women attend separate weekends.)

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