Reporting and Planning Resources

This page provides a guide to various resources that Catholic Leadership Institute has curated to help your parish make progress on any priorities you might have identified in response to your DMI results.

Many of these resources are broken down by what we refer to as the Big Outcome Questions. We also have resources to help you create your plan.

You can use the links to the right to navigate through our resources or continue to read below for more details.

See below for what CLI considers the big three Outcome Questions.

Sample Action Plans

Below are a few sample Parish plans that utilize DMI results to set and/or measure future goals.

View CLI's Parish Planning Resources.

The Disciple Maker Index is intended as a tool to help your parish community identify potential priorities with measurable data. Throughout our nearly 30 year history we have helped parishes and dioceses develop priority plans and have a number of resources available to help you in using the DMI to help your parish grow into the future.

Click here to find resources on creating and implementing your parish plan.

CLI's Big 3 Outcome Questions

Of the 75 Disciple Maker Index Questions, Catholic Leadership Institute identified 3 that we would consider “outcome questions” – overall measurements for the health of the parish and are indicative of growth.

These 3 Outcome Questions are:

  • I would recommend my parish to a friend
  • My parish helps me grow spiritually as a Catholic
  • How frequently does a parishioner share their personal witness with another person?

CLI has done further statistical analysis discover what drives people to say these things about their parish. This is how your report is structured. You have the ability to dive into all the questions but we think it is prudent to start here.

This link will take you to a resource page with additional information about each of the Outcome Questions and what regression analysis has shown to drive people to respond positively to that particular question.

We are frequently adding to these resources and more will be available as our Leadership Consultants bring forward new ideas and insights!

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